Darren Chadwick

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This article was developed for the Commission on Change and Innovation in Dental Education (CCI), established by the American Dental Education Association. CCI was created because numerous organizations within organized dentistry and the educational community have initiated studies or proposed modifications to the process of dental education, often working(More)
This review gives an overview of the societal inequalities faced by people with intellectual disabilities, before focusing specifically on challenges people face accessing the Internet. Current access will be outlined along with the societal, support and attitudinal factors that can hinder access. Discussion of carer views of Internet use by people with(More)
A multimedia program (MMP) was developed to educate patients with prostate cancer about their disease. A within-subjects design was used to investigate the changes in levels of cancer-related knowledge, psychosocial functioning, treatment decision-making role and information needs immediately after browsing the MMP. The participants were 67 men recently(More)
With the emergence of Web 2.0, there has been a dramatic surge in user-generated content. Although the Internet provides greater freedom in self-presentation, computer-mediated communication is characterized by a more relaxed attitude to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The language of the Internet, or textspeak, may be suitable for casual interactions(More)
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