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With pervasive gaming, novel types of games have recently emerged. The idea is to apply pervasive computing technology-which embeds computers in real-world, everyday environments-to games. By bringing gaming back to natural, social interaction spaces, pervasive gaming aims to overcome some restrictions of conventional computer games: Players are no longer(More)
In this paper we investigate a seamless method for the adaptation of streamed media by using simultaneous processing chains. The common approach for media adaptation is to deconstruct the current media processing chain and to construct a new media chain afterwards. As a consequence, media frames might be lost and the adaptation cycle needs significant time.(More)
Emerging demographic changes require new technical solutions to serve the growing elderly population in many countries around the world. Ambient Assisted Living approaches promise to deliver context-aware, personalized services designed to help elderly people live healthier and more autonomous lives. In this direction, we are developing the SmartAssist(More)