Darren Calhoun

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OBJECTIVES This study was designed to facilitate clinical use of central pulse pressure (PP). We sought to determine a value that might predict adverse outcome and thereby provide a target for assessment of intervention strategies. BACKGROUND We previously documented that central PP more strongly relates to carotid hypertrophy and extent of(More)
The association of low birth weight and chronic kidney disease was examined in a screened volunteer population by the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Early Evaluation Program. This is a free, community-based health program enrolling individuals aged 18 years or older with diabetes, hypertension, or a family history of kidney disease, diabetes, or(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the relationship between depression and glycemic control in the Strong Heart Study (SHS), a longitudinal study of cardiovascular disease in American Indians. METHODS This cross-sectional analysis focused on the relationship between depression, diabetes and glycemic control among 2832 individuals aged > or =15 years. Depression was(More)
OBJECTIVE The purposes of this study were to investigate whether reduced lung function is associated with metabolic syndrome (MS) and diabetes (DM) in American Indians (AIs) and to determine whether lower pulmonary function presents before the development of DM or MS. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The Strong Heart Study (SHS) is a multicenter, prospective(More)
To determine whether social support and/or physical activity buffer the association between stressors and increasing risk of depression symptoms at baseline and at 3-year follow-up. This is a secondary analysis of data from the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study. 91,912 community-dwelling post-menopausal women participated in this prospective(More)
AIMS The aims of this paper are to examine the relationship between psychological trauma symptoms and Type 2 diabetes prevalence, glucose control, and treatment modality among 3776 American Indians in Phase V of the Strong Heart Family Study. METHODS This cross-sectional analysis measured psychological trauma symptoms using the National Anxiety Disorder(More)
BACKGROUND The association between prediabetes as currently defined and incident diabetes in populations with widespread obesity, insulin resistance syndrome, and diabetes is not well defined. In this article, diabetes risk factors and incidence rates in American Indians (AI) with prediabetes are examined. METHODS A total of 1677 AI who were nondiabetic(More)
OBJECTIVE We compared A1C and fasting plasma glucose (FPG) in predicting cardiovascular disease (CVD) in a population with widespread obesity and diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A total of 4,549 American Indian adults underwent the Strong Heart Study (SHS) baseline examination (1989-1991). Data from 3,850 individuals (60% women) with baseline(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the associations between depressive symptoms, antidepressant use, and duration of use with incident frailty 3 years later in nonfrail women aged 65 and older. DESIGN Secondary analysis of the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study (WHI-OS), a prospective cohort study. SETTING WHI-OS was conducted in 40 U.S. clinical centers.(More)
OBJECTIVE Observe and record the demographic and anthropomorphic correlates of health beliefs in American Indians using the multidimensional health locus of control (MHLC) scale. DESIGN Self-administration or interview rating of Form B of the MHLC scale. SETTING Arizona, Oklahoma, and Dakota branches of The Strong Heart Study PARTICIPANTS 3665(More)