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A gamma extremity monitoring system (GEMS) has been used to measure finger doses during radio-nuclide dispensing procedures. GEMS uses a small semi-conductor probe that can be attached to a finger from which a continuous read-out can be obtained that is related to dose rate. The pattern of dose accumulation can be analysed to allow doses received from(More)
Radiological protection experience in a regional radiopharmacy, currently handling 28.5 TBq (770 Ci) 99mTc y-1, is reviewed for the period 1974-1988. The results of personnel monitoring have shown a downward trend (by more than a factor of two) in radiation exposure of individual staff members, despite the workload per person [6000 GBq (162 Ci) 99mTc y-1](More)
18 Network Security August 2015 standards such as CVE, Snort and more contemporary frameworks like STIX and TAXII. While threat intelligence and actionable security information sharing can help focus and prioritise the use of massive volumes of complex network security information, organisations have an elementary need for standardised and structured(More)
A new gamma extremity monitoring system (GEMS) was used to assess finger doses of staff working in a hospital radionuclide dispensary. The system is designed to give a continuous readout of dose rate from a small probe which may be attached to a finger. It allows the contributions to radiation dose to the fingers from different parts of a procedure to be(More)
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