Darren A. Schmidt

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Aphasia is a total or partial loss of the ability to produce or understand language, usually caused by brain disease or injury. In this case study, the aphasic patient (BMW) has a profound impairment of oral production and a very moderate impairment in comprehension. Several years of informal observation lead to the current study that contrasts written(More)
—We present numerical simulations of charge transport through semiconductor nanostructures performed within the Green's function formalism. The commonly used algorithm to compute the conductance of nanostructures in this formalism has been adapted for parallel execution on both multicore computers and general-purpose graphics processing units (GPU).(More)
The construction of custom data paths is a time-consuming and difficult problem. Even with a library of standard cells, custom hand layout can take months. In addition, minor design changes or revisions for next generation designs can be tedious and difficult. By creating an automated system, data path design can be greatly simplified and dramatically sped(More)
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