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The ability to operate switches in order to communicate more effectively and to control leisure activities has greatly enriched Pam's life. The switches have opened up a world of entertainment that she can enjoy independently. Both her desire and her ability to explore and master her environment have increased--a major thrust of functional independence so(More)
Foreword Information technology Is today one of the most critical tools in higher education. It permeates every aspect of a University from the first contact a student has with Its Web site through the myriad systems that manage and provide access to its information; to the desktop computer-now such a fundamental part of the daily life of nearly every(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to determine whether case managers referred clients with different needs to programs with different goals and levels of intensity, and thus with different costs. METHOD A total of 150 case managers were asked to select one of three day programs--day treatment, clubhouse, or supported employment--for four hypothetical(More)
  • D M Bailey
  • 1990
R ecently, mothers who are health care professionals have been asking employers for more flexibility in their full-time posi­ tions. These women want part-time jobs and jobs with flexible hours, and they want their employers to under­ stand that they must take time off when their children are sick or when emergencies arise. But these women should heed what(More)
  • D M Bailey
  • 1978
An experimental group of seven nonparanoid schizophrenic adults was given eight weeks of sensory-stimulating treatment, while a control group of seven similar subjects was given eight weeks of sedentary activities. Three components of language, in response to 16 questions, were measured pre- and post-treatment: number of words used, speed of response, and(More)
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