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Missional church : a vision for the sending of the church in North America
What would a theology of the church look like that took seriously the fact that North America is now itself a mission field? This question lies at the foundation of this volume written by anExpand
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The Continuing Conversion of the Church
Western society is now a very different, very difficult mission field. In such a situation, the mission of evangelism cannot succeed with an attitude of "business as usual." This volume builds aExpand
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The Theology Of The Reformed Confessions, 1923
Karl Barth delived a series of lectures in 1923, offering his theological commentary on the Reformed confessions. This work translates and annotates Barth's understandings of the main teachings ofExpand
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The Permanent Revolution
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The Incarnation and the Church's Witness:
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Historical dictionary of Reformed Churches
Covers a broad span of activities, from theology and government to education and social activism.
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A History of Presbyterian Missions, 1944–2007 . Edited by Scott W. Sunquist and Caroline N. Becker. Louisville, Ky.: Geneva, 2008. xvii+390 pp. $34.95 paper.
sexual assault. Meanwhile in the North, a desire for national reconciliation trumped concerns over unchecked racism in the South. Even such prominent abolitionists as Harriet Beecher Stowe advocatedExpand
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Book Review: Mission on the Way: Issues in Mission Theology
Sudan, the largest country in Africa, has been involved in civil strife for over forty years. This conflict is sometimes referred to as the silent crisis because so little is known of the conflictExpand
Book Review: Constants in Context: A Theology of Mission for Today
Anabaptist. Although historians have long recognized the indisputable link between the modern missionary movement and the twentieth-century ecumenical movement, nowhere has this symbioticExpand