Darong Huang

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Applied excitation system of medium-small-scale synchronous generator as the object, studied on-line intelligent fault diagnosis and active fault tolerant control of nonlinear system. Presented hierarchical diagnosis method and intelligent diagnosis model based on fusion theory, whose diagnosis strategy fused qualitative reasoning with quantitative(More)
A systematic method for fault diagnosis of steam-turbine generator sets based on the combination of wavelet neural networks and particle swarm optimization is presented. Using the model of wavelet neural networks, we can not only extract the features of system but also predict the development of the fault. The features are applied to the proposed wavelet(More)
In virtual human simulations, there is no unified 3D human model standard. We propose a method of constructing layered virtual human motion model. This method is to use position information and angle information provided by sensors to construct skeleton model of virtual human. The skin model is formed by triangular mesh. The joints of virtual human are(More)
A single base station (BS) localization approach is proposed in this paper when the BS measures time of arrival (TOA) and angle of arrival (AOA). As the mobile stations (MSs) are gradually evolving to become sophisticated wireless access devices rather than just pocket telephones, the angle of departure (AOD) can also be obtained. Based on the circular(More)
When diagnosing faults in a complicated and dynamic system, if adopted traditional and single intelligent reasoning methods, it is often difficult to study all faults' cause real-timely. After analyzing on the immune mechanism, a reasoning model for the fault diagnosis, with characteristics of evolution and reconfiguration, is presented by the use of the(More)
Based on covariance constraint control theory and statistic, the fault predicts problem inner the dynamic complicated system is researched. First of all, according to the important factor to influence the running state by the Multifactor analyze method, we have defined and analyzed the parameter structure of the average and error for state observe values(More)
In order to guarantee the power quality and the highly efficient operation of the power network, a reliable operating condition recognition system of distribution networks is necessary. To solve the problem of multi-condition recognition, an operating condition recognition system based on the workflow of decision-making tree is proposed. Big data of(More)
In this paper, the optimal route and deployment scheme are designed to ensure the shortest retention time for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in risk area. Firstly, according to the known data and radar scanning range, the regional distribution map of target grope and base are obtained, respectively. Secondly, based on the different scanning bandwidth of(More)