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The thermal dependence of the structural stability of membrane-reconstituted yeast cytochrome c oxidase has been studied by using different techniques including high-sensitivity differential scanning calorimetry, differential detergent solubility thermal gel analysis, and enzyme activity measurements. For these studies, the enzyme has been reconstituted(More)
A sensor is described for which interference measurements of the phase delay between two propagating modes of different orders in a slab thin-film waveguide are used as the sensing technique. The basic building block of the sensor is a polymer film doped with an indicator dye such as Bromocresol Purple. The modes of two orders such as TM(0) and TM(1) are(More)
We have investigated the characteristics of THz generation including the dependence of the output power and polarization on the incident angle and pump polarization from two series of InN films grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy (PAMBE) and metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), respectively. Following the analyses of our results, we(More)
LP(01)-LP(02) interference over an extended wavelength region is used to describe a new spectroscopic technique for determining the refractive-index profile of non-step-index optical fibers. The technique is illustrated with a fiber that shows an alpha-profile variation of the refractive index.
The intensity of light radiated from a fiber-optic light tap is observed to depend sensitively on the phase difference between LP(01) and LP(02) modes in a few-mode fiber. This observation is used to design a novel dual-mode interferometer in which light loss through the light tap is monitored, eliminating the need for a bulky spatial filter at the exit end(More)
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