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Compared to other viruses, research on Nipah virus has been limited in Indonesia because attributable disease outbreaks have not been reported. However, Nipah virus is a zoonotic Biosafety Level 4 (BSL4) agent, so strategic monitoring is prudent. Farmer interviews and a serologic survey of 610 pig sera and 99 bat sera from West Kalimantan province were(More)
The Indonesian response to the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) is being strengthened by increased intersectoral commitment and greater availability of staff and resources. Vaccination against avian influenza has been used widely in large commercial sectors but less so in other sectors. Generally, there has been a reduction in outbreaks(More)
A study of hydrogen diffusion behavior in the PVA hydrogel had been done to measure diffusion coefficient (ADC) from tissue mimicking. For our study, PVA hydrogel samples were prepared using freezing-thawing method with various concentration and number of freezing-thawing cycles. Consistency measurement with physical mechanism had been done to the samples(More)
Animal husbandry is one of main concerns of agricultural development revitalization in Indonesia. The domestic products from this sector are yet to meet the domestics' demands of meat and dairy products. Therefore, instead of continuously dependent on imported products, efforts on animal husbandry revitalization to stimulate the production growth from this(More)
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