Darlene E Jenkins

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INTRODUCTION Our goal was to generate xenograft mouse models of human breast cancer based on luciferase-expressing MDA-MB-231 tumor cells that would provide rapid mammary tumor growth; produce metastasis to clinically relevant tissues such as lymph nodes, lung, and bone; and permit sensitive in vivo detection of both primary and secondary tumor sites by(More)
Two-dimensional images obtained using ultrasound have been digitized from videotape recordings and stored within a maximum of 240 digital memory planes to form a three-dimensional data set using a commercially available image processing unit. This data set has been manipulated to produce images in planes perpendicular to the original scan set. The(More)
Previous experiments found that acute exposure to the insecticide/acaricide, chlordimeform (CDM), produced large increases in the amplitude of pattern reversal evoked potentials (PREPs) without changing the amplitude of flash evoked potentials (FEPs) in the same rats (W. K. Boyes and R. S. Dyer, Exp. Neurol. 86: 434-447, 1984). Current work investigated the(More)
This paper explores the use of satellite imagery and aerial photography in the development and improvement of emission inventories. E.H. Pechan & Associates, Inc. and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality have used remotely-sensed data in the development of emission inventories for particulate matter less tha n 10 microns (PM10) and in the(More)
As part of a broader analysis of the mechanism(s) by which the most sensitive (type III) paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) erythrocytes are excessively sensitive to reactive lysis by isolated C5b6, C7, C8, and C9, we have compared type III PNH (PNH-III) and normal human E in respect to both total specific binding of 125I-C9 and the proportion of(More)
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