Darla Magdalena Shockley

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In this paper we report on the release of a corpus of English spontaneous instruction giving situated dialogs. The corpus was collected using the Quake environment, a first-person virtual reality game, and consists of pairs of participants completing a direction giver-direction follower scenario. The corpus contains the collected audio and video, as well as(More)
We report on a study examining the generation of noun phrases within a spoken dialog agent for a navigation domain. The task is to provide real-time instructions that direct the user to move between a series of destinations within a large interior space. A subtask within sentence planning is determining what form to choose for noun phrases. This choice is(More)
In the current work, we focus on systems that provide incremental directions and monitor the progress of mobile users following those directions. Such directions are based on dynamic quantities like the visibility of reference points and their distance from the user. An intelligent navigation assistant might take advantage of the user’s mobility within the(More)
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