Darla French

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The development of distinct vertebrate neurons is defined by the unique profiles of genes that neurons express. It is accepted that neural genes are regulated at the point of transcription initiation, but the role of messenger RNA elongation in neural gene regulation has not been examined. Here we describe the mutant foggy, identified in a genetic screen(More)
IL-17 is a proinflammatory cytokine, and its in vivo expression induces neutrophilia in mice. IL-17E is a recently described member of an emerging family of IL-17-related cytokines. IL-17E has been shown to bind IL-17Rh1, a protein distantly related to the IL-17R, suggesting that IL-17E probably possesses unique biological functions. In this study, we have(More)
The position specificity of porcine pancreatic Lu-amyIase action on maltotriose (Gs) through maltooctaose (Gs) has been studied with maltodextrins specifically labeled in the reducing glucose unit with 14C. The initial relative rates of formation of the labeled products were determined for each substrate. As the size of the maltodextrin increases, the point(More)
The results presented in this paper explore the molecular basis for expression of the A48 regulatory Id (RI). A48 RI+ mAb derived from idiotypically manipulated mice molecularly resembled the A48 and UPC 10 prototypes of this system by utilizing a VHX24-Vk10 combination. Id expression by these antibodies was not restricted by a particular D region sequence,(More)