Darko Todorović

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The paper discusses a mobile robot localization. Due to cost and simplicity of signal processing, the ultrasonic sensors are very suitable for this application. However, their nonlinear characteristics requires thorough calibrating procedure in order to achieve reliable readings from the obstacles around the robot. Here we describe SMR400 ultrasonic sensor(More)
The relative cost of SCADA systems can be substantial if not used in industrial plants. In this paper we present an alternative solution to SCADA systems based on two technologies developed for the Microsoft Robotics Studio, CCR and DSS. Based on these two technologies the services for supporting remote monitoring system are developed and tested. Data(More)
As technology advances, industrial companies and their systems need to be able to adapt swiftly when it comes to rapid production changes to meet the market needs of today for innovative products. Majority of automated industrial systems are controlled with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that are programmed with ladder logic. With the incorporation(More)
Estimation of the most important functional and non functional features during design process of the human-machine interfaces can be tedious. This particularly stands for a haptic device. Therefore, there is a need for a development and validation environment to be used for extensive tests during the design process. It will enable the designer to fine tune(More)
Haptics covers many different forms of mechanical interaction with human senses by engaging, touch, vibrations and forces/torques, established for the purpose of augmenting the feedback structure during human-machine interaction. A haptic device has mechanical part, moved by actuators from one and human hand or fingers from the other, actuators, drives,(More)
In this paper we present the technology framework to building a virtual touch-screen and its characteristics. The idea is to turn any projection area into the touch sensitive surface by using an infrared camera together with the infrared pan as the pointing device. Infrared camera integrated in the Wiimote controller can monitor up to 4 different points at(More)
A sensor system is designed and evaluated to be used in force-feedback joystick intended for haptics application in medicine. Low-cost sensor elements with strain-gauges are arranged on four plates allowing measurements of force vector in perpendicular planes. Low-noise AD620 chip with programmable gain is used for amplifying the sensor data to be logged(More)
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