Darko Jevremovic

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The recent observation of the frequent occurrence of natural recombinant Plum pox virus (PPV) isolates has led to the identification of a distinct PPV subgroup, named PPV-Rec. The diversity, origin and geographical spread of the recombinant PPV isolates belonging to this subgroup remain, however, relatively poorly known. In an effort to further our(More)
The genetic diversity of plum pox virus strain M (PPV-M) was assessed by analyzing 28 isolates collected in 8 European countries. Two genomic fragments spanning the (Cter)P3-6K1-(Nter)CI coding region as well as the full coat protein coding region were sequenced directly from PCR products. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the geographical origin of the(More)
90 Application of Replica Technique and SEM in Accuracy Measurement of Ceramic Crowns B. Trifkovic, I. Budak, A. Todorovic, J. Hodolic, T. Puskar, D. Jevremovic, D. Vukelic Clinic for Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry, University of Belgrade, Dr Subotica 8, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia, e-mail: brankatr@yahoo.com, a.todorovic@sbb.rs Department of Production(More)
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST; Ivezić et al. 2008) is a large-aperture, wide-field, ground-based survey system that will image the sky in six optical bands from 320 to 1050 nm, uniformly covering approximately 18, 000 deg2 of the sky over 800 times. The LSST is currently under construction on Cerro Pachón in Chile, and expected to enter(More)
We present the serendipitous detection of an extreme-ultraviolet flare on EUVE J0613 23.9B. The flare showed over a 200-fold increase above the quiescent emission in the DS/Lexan 60–200 Å wavelength band. Optical spectroscopy revealed that the event was associated with an active dM3.5e star. The EUVE spectra are dominated by emission lines formed at(More)
Detection of Li has been shown for energetic solar events, one chromospherically active binary, and several dwarf halo stars. We had previously found a Li /7Li 1⁄4 0:03 0:01 for active K dwarf GJ 117 using VLT UVES observations. Here we present high signal-to-noise (>1000) high spectral resolution observations taken with theMcDonald Observatory’s 2.7 m and(More)
More than 40 different aphid species (Hemiptera: Aphididae) landing on plum and apricot trees were captured with Sticky shoot method and identified in the experimental orchards in Western Serbia during 2009–2011. The most abundant species found in 2009 and 2011 belongs to the genus Aphis. In 2010, Myzocallis spp. were most abundant. Specimens of the genus(More)
The development of space born astronomy, providing a huge amount of high quality astronomical data created an information avalanche and leaded to the formation of huge data collections. In order to address the problem how to analyse such amount of data, the idea of Virtual Observatory was formulated at the end of 2000, and from 2001 the FP5 project(More)
We investigate the extent to which the Wilson-Bappu relationship holds for chromospherically active binaries using the Mg ii h&k lines of 41 RS CVn stars observed with IUE. The resulting ts are diierent from the relationships obtained for single, less active stars. The parallax used were those from the hipparcos catalogue , these give a much better(More)