Dariusz Zmarzly

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The subject matter of this paper refers to the improvement of the acoustic emission (AE) method when used for detection, measurement and location of partial discharges (PDs) in oil insulation systems of power appliances. The detailed subject matter refers to the issues connected with the application of modern methods of digital processing of signals(More)
The genesis of the research work presented in this paper constitutes the issue of the effective and efficient recognition of single-source one-time partial discharge forms that can occur in insulation systems of power transformers. The paper presents research results referring to the use of single-direction artificial neural networks for recognizing basic(More)
The subject matter of this paper refers to the application of optical spectral diagnostics to the detection of electromagnetic waves generated by partial discharges. The research work refers to creeping discharges at bakelite/oil interface. The analysis of optical spectrum time changes was performed. The influence of voltage on the changes of the creeping(More)
In this paper the distribution of electrification current flowing across a pipe, for alternating charge near a surface, is presented. A distribution of charge density was arbitrarily assumed compatible to the Stern theory. Assuming that the velocity distribution is parabolic (in laminar regime) or logarithmic (in turbulent regime), the convective current(More)
The paper presents results the aim of which was determining the most favorable conditions of ECT (electrostatic charge tendency) measurement taking of insulation oils in the spinning disk system. The work proved that a proper selection of the size and roughness of the disk surface makes the measured volume density of charge q<sub>w</sub> independent of the(More)
The paper presents the results of streaming electrification measurements realized in a swinging cylinder system. Classical systems for the electrostatic charging tendency evaluation are presented along with their advantages and disadvantages. The paper presents briefly the construction of the proposed system. It allows for continuous measurement of(More)
The paper presents an analytically derived model of electrification phenomena in turbulent flow. Mechanisms of diffusion, convection, and conduction were taken into account. Distributions of current density where determined for the whole range of liquid conductivity and viscosity. The equations are derived assuming an isothermal incompressible Newtonian(More)
This paper is related to the phenomenon of streaming electrification. The selected results of nonlinear identification of the electrification process are presented. We described the signals used for identification and validation and then two structures of the models used: the nonlinear autoregressive model and the Hammerstein-Wiener model. We then conducted(More)
This paper concerns improvement of evaluation methods of partial discharge (PD), which may occur in the power transformer insulation systems. This particular study regards the next stage of research works, which aim to determine the energy share of particular physical phenomena accompanying generation of PD. The performed works were connected to comparative(More)
The on-load tap changer (OLTC) constitutes one of the main elements of an energy power transformer which ensures the possibility of voltage regulation in an energy power net. Its break-down is a common cause for the transformer cut-off. The paper presents results of scientifically investigative works which aim is the OLTC technical condition estimation by(More)