Dariusz Myszor

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In this article, we analyse the process of the emergence of RNA polynucleotides located in an enclosed environment, at an early stage of the RNA world. Therefore we prepared a mathematical model, composed of a set of differential equations, which simulates the behaviour of an early biological system bounded by a protocell membrane. There is evidence that(More)
In this article improvements introduced into GENOME: A rapid coa-lescent-based whole genome simulator were presented. Implemented modifications allowed for obtainment of significant speed up of the process of results obtainmenvol. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono modyfikacje wprowadzone do kodu ap-likacji GENOME: A rapid coalescent-based whole genome(More)
Computer simulations are one of the pillars of contemporary science. In the current paper we present next type of improvements introduced into GENOME: A rapid coalescent-based whole genome simulator. The modifications are based on parallelization of processes with the use of MPI technology. The influence of introduced modification, has been tested on(More)
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