Dariusz Kuśmierz

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According to National Cancer Registry, breast cancer is one of the most common cancer among women in Poland, accounting for 23% of all new cases of cancer in females and it is the leading cause of(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumour in women in the whole world. Despite significant developments in the early diagnosis of breast cancer, there is no effective method which(More)
3,6-Diazaphenothiazines were obtained in cyclization of 3-amino-3'-nitro-2,4'-dipyridinyl sulfide and the reaction of sodium 3-amino-2-pyridinethiolate with 4-chloro-3-nitropyridine followed by(More)
OBJECTIVES Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infections especially 16 and 18 are risk factors for squamous cell vulvar cancer. E6 protein of HPV joins the tumor suppressor protein P53 and promotes its(More)