Dariusz Jurkiewicz

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The development of minimally invasive procedures such as the balloon dilation Eustachian tuboplasty (BET) is an alternative to the grommet tympanum membrane. BET is applied in the cases where, after elimination of all factors influencing the ET and middle ear functioning, no sufficient improvement is observed. The aim of this study was to present the(More)
The medicine still requires new, more advanced tools for better human body diagnoses. The great developments in electronics let to construct more and more sophisticated instruments. The system described in the paper lets to check functionality of one of human body subsystems - the breathing system. It can measure dynamic changes of temperature and dew point(More)
Ill applying with extensive infiltration of new-growth within of larynx will demand radical therapeutic procedure, which is operation completely removals of organ. Aim of work was estimation of voice and speeches ill with vocal fistula in comparison with oesophageal voice and speech and with physiological. With research one embraced 81 men in age 42-75 of(More)
Allergic diseases are the most common chronic conditions lasting throughout the patient's life. They not only cause significant deterioration in the quality of life of patients but also lead to significant absenteeism and reduced productivity, resulting in very high costs for society. Effective and safe treatment of allergic diseases is therefore one of the(More)
Endoscopic sinus surgery is a standard procedure in the treatment of various pathologies such as chronic sinusitis or some types of neoplasms. The transnasal approach to tumours of paranasal sinuses is favourable due to functional and aesthetic reasons. We report a rare case of a large primary ectopic meningioma of the paranasal sinuses in a 48-year-old(More)
Electrogustometry has been used as a clinical tool for diagnosis and assessment of a variety of conditions. Since the lack of versatile electrogustometer for research and diagnosis, the new electrogustometer EG-1 was developed in 2006. It was done in cooperation between Warsaw University of Technology and Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw. EG-1(More)
The influence of chemical substances (feromones) on human emotional and physical condition has fascinated psychologists, sexuologists and laryngologists since centurie. Literature conveys inconsistent information on vomeronasal organ (VNO) occurrence in humans. This organ is often called Jacobson's, and 2 symmetrical openings leading into it, located on(More)
BACKGROUND Asphyxia at birth, low birth weight and low birth age constitute risk factors for inner ear damage in the perinatal period. Caloric stimulation is one of the most reliable diagnostic tools for vestibular testing in infants. Recording of vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials (VEMPs) evaluates the otolith organ and its pathways. Potentials(More)
Multiple sclerosis (SM) is the most frequent inflammatory-demyelinating disease of central nervous system. The character of SM disease provokes that its most frequent symptoms are vertigo, equilibrium disorders and ataxia. Objective method of vertigo estimation is evaluation of the nystagmus via videonystagmography registration (VNG). This examination(More)
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