Darius Gleason

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Evidence is presented to show that cells of the ependymal layer surrounding the ventricles of the mammalian (rat) forebrain act as neural stem cells (NSCs), and that these cells can be activated to divide by a combination of injury and growth factor stimulation. Several markers of asymmetric cell division (ACD), a characteristic of true stem cells, are(More)
Infants subjected to repeated episodes of violent shaking develop brain damage characterized by intracranial hemorrhage and progressive cortical atrophy. We have developed an animal model that mimics this pathological state and investigated its etiology and treatment. Anesthetized male rats, 6 days of age, were subjected to one episode of shaking per day(More)
Transforming growth factor-alpha (TGFalpha) is a powerful endogenous mitogen and neurotrophic factor, which has previously been shown to induce a massive proliferative response in the brains of Parkinson's disease model rats injured by an acute neurotoxic lesion. We now show that TGFalpha can also produce a massive proliferative response in rat brains(More)
The buccal absorption of flurbiprofen was studied in normal men to quantify the transport from the oral cavity in humans and to evaluate the closed-perfusion cell apparatus as a means to study drug transport across externally accessible biologic membranes. Flurbiprofen was buccally absorbed by a passive diffusional mechanism and the rate of absorption was(More)
We previously demonstrated that infusion of transforming growth factor (TGF)-alpha after chronic middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) stimulates stem and progenitor cell proliferation, migration, and neuronal differentiation associated with the amelioration of neurologic impairment. But the use of TGF-alpha in humans is impeded by impracticality of(More)
An automated system for high-pressure liquid chromatography was developed. The system is built around commercial modules wherever possible, modified to varying degrees. An automatic sampler, a sample pump, a high-pressure sampling valve, a recorder with an integrator, and a high-pressure liquid chromatograph comprise the commercial instruments. Relays,(More)
A dry-heat oven with automatic, multiple-sample introduction and withdrawal has been constructed to achieve instantaneous heating and cooling of samples. The oven temperature fluctuation at set points of 170 to 250 degrees C was +/- 0.1 degrees C, with temperature variation between the replicate samples of +/- 0.2 degrees C. Correction required for a sample(More)
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