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Epidemiologic and phenotypic evidences indicate that breast and prostate cancers have high pathological similarities. Analysis of pathological similarities between cancers can be beneficial in several aspects such as enabling the knowledge transfer between the cancer studies. To gain knowledge of the similarity between the breast and prostate cancer(More)
—Positioning systems can use signatures hidden in a user's environment to identify a location. Images are often used to locate a place by identifying landmarks. In this work, we present the use of texts in an image to identify a user's location. The key intuition behind this work is that a collection of names of business appearing in an image forms a(More)
Figure 1: Block diagram of the workflow in our MemViz tool. ABSTRACT Our paper describes a framework that aids users in the creation of data visualizations augmented with chart junk. Chart junk refers to graphical decorations that are irrelevant to the data, but are meant to make the data graphics more interesting, giving rise to visualizations with low(More)
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