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The vehicle detection process plays the key role in determining the success of intelligent transport management system solutions. The measurement of distortions of the Earth's magnetic field using magnetic field sensors served as the basis for designing a solution aimed at vehicle detection. In accordance with the results obtained from research into process(More)
Problems of process LOCOS, related with oxidation time, temperature, silicon oxide layer, patterned silicon nitride in CMOS structure was researched. Most CMOS quality depends on gate channel shortening, diffusion region separation during LOCOS. LOCOS CMOS mathematical models are created using program SUPREM. It is determined, that channel length almost(More)
Thermal oxidation is one of various methods used for neighboring element isolation. Problems of thermal oxidation, related with LOCOS, PBL and SWAMI technologies was researched. The main purpose of this paper is to present stress, which appears during thermal oxidation in micro and nano scales levels in mentioned above technologies. Also relationship(More)
Image technologies nowadays are used not only for keeping personal events safe, but also are widely applied in conjunction with automated electronic systems. Computer vision is widely used for inspection of the production quality in industries. Food industry is not an exception. Containers for food industry are made in very large quantities. This article(More)
The computer vision systems are mainly devoted for production monitoring in quality inspection systems. It is the fastest growing and most popular non-invasive product defects detection method. The productivity of electronic components growth and their prices decline creates favorable conditions for the development of image processing systems for industrial(More)
VMOS, UMOS ("V"-groove-metal-oxide-silicon) transistors drain and gate are formed in the groove of "V" or "U" form. Expanding channel area, therefore VMOS and UMOS structures may use in the power chips. Using VMOS, UMOS is saving 40% free space than using NMOS technology. Nanostructures dimensions are very small, so it is important to keep pn junction in a(More)
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