Darion M Griffin

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For children whose everyday speech differs greatly from the School English (SE) they encounter in academic materials and settings, it was hypothesized that greater familiarity with SE would be associated with more successful early reading acquisition. Sentence imitation and reading skills of 217 urban African American students in kindergarten through second(More)
I count it a great honour that I should be called upon to give my Presidential Address at the first conference of the Australasian Plant Pathology Society to be held in New Zealand. When our Society was formed in 1969 as the Australian Plant Pathology Society, it immediately attracted members from outside that one country and most significantly from New(More)
must make provisions for refresher courses in many aspects of plant pathology, not only for short-term workshops as have been arranged by our Society, but for courses of longer duration. Human medicine organizes regular refresher courses, and has established various scholarships and foundations to facilitate this continuing education. As part of the(More)
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