Dario Zeolla

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This paper reports on the recent results of the EU project “POF-PLUS”, financed in the EU VII Framework Program and started on the 1st of May 2009. This project is fully focused on innovative transmission and component solutions for high speed links based on large core plastic optical fibers (POF). Two main applications are the target of(More)
Link design for optical communication systems requires accurate modeling of nonlinear propagation in fibers. This topic has been widely analyzed in last decades with partial successes in special conditions, but without a comprehensive solution. Since the introduction of coherent detection with electronic signal processing the scenario completely changed(More)
This paper reports on some recent results on transmission over large core plastic optical fibers (POF) developed in the EU project ALPHA, inside a Workpackage focused on physical layer solutions for home networking. In particular, we demonstrated a Gigabit Ethernet bidirectional transmission over a single POF running to distances up to 20 meters. We believe(More)
We introduce an improved fiber figure of merit (FoM) in order to compare different fiber types used in uncompensated links for transmission of coherently-received modulation formats. The role of fiber dispersion in enhancing system performance is shown and verified by simulations and experiments, confirming the need for the inclusion of dispersion parameter(More)
We demonstrate a 40Gbps downstream PON transmission based on PM-QPSK modulation using commercial DFB lasers without optical amplifier in the ODN, obtaining 40dB power budget. We discuss this solution within NG-PON2 architectures. Keywords—DFB lasers, Optical Coherent Receiver, Passive Optical Networks.
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