Dario Villani

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Specificities of chemoreceptors for the 20 common amino acids, toward which Bacillus subtilis shows chemotaxis, were assessed by competition ("jamming") experiments using a modification of the traditional capillary assay, called the "sensitivity capillary assay." Many amino acids were sensed by at least two chemoreceptors. All the highest affinity(More)
Many sugars and derivatives were tested in the capillary assay for their attraction of Bacillus subtilis. The major attractants were 2-deoxy-D-glucose, D-fructose, gentiobiose, D-glucose, maltose, D-mannitol, D-mannose, N-acetylglucosamine, alpha-methyl-D-glucoside, beta-methyl-D-glucoside, N-acetylmannosamine, alpha-methyl-D-mannoside, D-sorbitol,(More)
S. Y. Savrasov,1 V. Oudovenko,2,5 K. Haule,3,5 D. Villani,4,5 and G. Kotliar5 1Department of Physics, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey 07102, USA 2Laboratory for Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Russia 3Jožef Stefan Institute, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 4JP Morgan Chase Bank, 270 Park Avenue,(More)
Values of KI for nine proline analogs as inhibitors of proline chemotaxis and of proline transport were determined. Two of them inhibited transport at substantially lower concentrations than chemotaxis; two at substantially higher concentrations. Moreover, mutants, believed to be in the component that binds proline, were isolated that showed a shift of KM(More)
We extract the frequency content of a noisy signal by use of Discrete Fourier Transform. Our analysis overcomes the limitations imposed by incommensurate lattices. After computing the deterministic component, we show the relevance of the method in removing spurious autocorrelations from the signal residuals. Results are presented for a temperature time(More)
We present the results of a K-band imaging survey of 40 arcmin in fields around 14 radio-loud AGN (6 radio galaxies and 8 quasars) with z > 1.5. The survey, 80% complete to K < 19.2 and complemented by R-band imaging, aimed at investigating whether extremely red objects (EROs) are present in excess around high-z AGN, and to study the environment of z > 1.5(More)
Bacillus subtilis alternately swims smoothly and tumbles; when administered repellent it only tumbles, but later resumes normal swimming and tumbling. Repellents of B. subtilis include membrane-active agents like uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation and local anaesthetics and have previously been found to act in a fundamentally different way compared(More)
Adrenocortical tumors (ACTs) are frequent in Brazil. The mechanisms of adrenal tumorigenesis remain poorly established; the R337H germline mutation in the p53 gene has previously been associated with ACTs in Brazilian children. We investigated the frequency and inheritance of R337H p53 mutation as well as genotype and phenotype correlation in 21 children(More)
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