Dario V. Forte

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Today log traces are widely used to identify and prevent violations of corporate information systems. The most recent logging trend is to manage most level 3 ISO/OSI traffic via pcap-compatible output. But use of syslog is still very widespread, as are the security issues it entails, especially in its 'pure' version. This paper outlines the basic syslog(More)
Onion routers were born about 10 years ago as a sort of blended military/research project. The main goal of it was the avoidance of traffic analysis (TA). TA is used in part to identify the remote IP addresses that a given host seeks to contact. This technique may have various purposes, from simple statistical analysis to illegal interception. In response,(More)
PTK is a new open-source tool for all complex digital investigations. It represents an alternative to the well-known but now obsolete front-end Autopsy Forensic Browser. This latter tool has a number of inadequacies taking the form of a cumbersome user interface, complicated case and evidence management, and a non-interactive timeline that is difficult to(More)
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