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The impact of social relationships on the maintenance of independence over periods of 12-18 months in a group of 306 octogenarians is assessed in this study. The study is based on the results of the Swilsoo (Swiss Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study on the Oldest Old). Participants (80-84 years old at baseline) were interviewed five times between 1994 and(More)
Our research is interested in understanding how the elderly evaluate their past, so the aims of this study are, first, to understand if there are age differences within the older population in terms of positivity effect, and second, to test if perception of happiness and vulnerability are two independent recall systems. To test our hypotheses, we used the(More)
TITRE La mémoire autobiographique à travers le parcours de vie : évaluation rétrospective du bonheur et de la vulnérabilité A u t e u re -s différences d'âge, alors que pour la vulnérabilité oui : les groups plus âgés ont moins de probabilité d'indiquer des moments de vulnérabilité durant la plus grande partie de leur vie.
BACKGROUND Falling is the leading cause of accidental death after 65. Fall prevention programs are effective, but they involve few seniors. This article reviewed the literature on facilitators and barriers to participate in such programs. METHODS A literature review was conducted to identify documents in English, German and French published between 1990(More)
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