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Finding and characterizing mRNAs, their transcription start sites (TSS), and their associated promoters is a major focus in post-genome biology. Mammalian cells have at least 5-10 magnitudes more TSS than previously believed, and deeper sequencing is necessary to detect all active promoters in a given tissue. Here, we present a new method for(More)
We report gene profiling data on genomic processes underlying the progression towards recurrent seizures after injection of kainic acid (KA) into the mouse hippocampus. Focal injection enabled us to separate the effects of proepileptic stimuli initiated by KA injection. Both the injected and contralateral hippocampus participated in the status epilepticus.(More)
The authors describe a seventeen-years-old girl suffering from partial seizures with complex symptomatology. The neuroradiological studies demonstrated a slow-growing glial tumour seated deeply in the right temporo-occipital region. Scalp EEG demonstrated a bilateral asynchronous temporal focus without definite lateralization. Chronic depth electrodes(More)
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