Dario Mezzanzanica

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This study compared the microtensile bond strength (MTBS) of three all-in-one adhesive systems and a two-step system using two types of burs to prepare the dentin surfaces. Flat coronal surfaces of 24 extracted human molars were produced using either regular-grit or superfine-grit diamond burs. Resin composite was then bonded to equal numbers of these(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the technique sensitivity of four different adhesive systems using different air-blowing pressure. METHODS Four adhesive systems were employed: Clearfil SE Bond [SE] (Kuraray, Japan), G-Bond [GB] (GC Corporation, Japan), Adper Prompt L-Pop [LP] (3M ESPE, USA) and an experimental adhesive, SSB-200 [SSB] (Kuraray, Japan). Twenty-four(More)
This study evaluated the microtensile bond strength and the interfacial morphology of newer adhesives. The occlusal surfaces of extracted teeth were ground flat for random allocation to four equal groups. Resin composite was bonded to each surface using either Clearfil SE Bond [SEB], Clearfil Protect Bond [PB], G-Bond [GB], or an experimental adhesive,(More)
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