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Virtual reality (VR) integrates real-time computer graphics, body tracking devices, visual displays, and other sensory input devices to immerse a participant in a computer-generated virtual environment that changes in a natural way with head and body motion. VR exposure (VRE) is proposed as an alternative to typical imaginal exposure treatment for Vietnam(More)
Today’s networks become increasingly complex due to the presence of multiple radio access technologies (RATs) and various network layers. The introduction of Self-Organising Network (SON) Functions that continuously modify the network’s operating point support the operator on dedicated network management tasks, but need to be configured themselves in order(More)
This demonstrator visualises a new paradigm for the management of Self-Organising Networks (SON), and the impact of SON management decisions on a heterogeneous mobile radio network. The main aspects shown thereby cover the operability of the system from a network operator perspective, and the effects of different SON implementation options on the Key(More)
A Self-Organising Network (SON) represents an approach where the optimisation of a mobile radio network is automated through a set of independently operating SON functions. These SON functions, however, require to be configured in order to allow for an optimised network performance with respect to technical objectives defined by the network operator. The(More)
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