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We present the design, analysis, and implementation of an algorithm for the computation of any number of digits of the roots of a polynomial with complex coefficients. The real and the imaginary parts of the coefficients may be integer, rational, or floating point numbers represented with an arbitrary number of digits. The algorithm has been designed to(More)
This concise and comprehensive treatment of the basic theory of algebraic Riccati equations describes the classical as well as the more advanced algorithms for their solution in a manner that is accessible to both practitioners and scholars. It is the first book in which nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equations are treated in a clear and systematic way.(More)
We show that the shifted QR iteration applied to a companion matrix F maintains the weakly semiseparable structure of F. A i are semiseparable matrices having semiseparability rank at most 1, 4 and 3, respectively. This structural property is used to design an algorithm for performing a single step of the QR iteration in just O(n) flops. The robustness and(More)
New theoretical results are presented about the principal matrix pth root. In particular, we show that the pth root is related to the matrix sign function and to the Wiener–Hopf factorization, and that it can be expressed as an integral over the unit circle. These results are used in the design and analysis of several new algorithms for the numerical(More)