Dario Battistel

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AIMS To investigate Klebsiella oxytoca strain BAS-10 growth on ferric citrate under anaerobic conditions for exopolysaccharide (EPS) production and localization on cell followed by the purification and the EPS determination of the iron-binding stability constant to EPS or biotechnological applications. METHODS AND RESULTS Klebsiella oxytoca ferments(More)
On the basis of an experimentally validated simple theoretical model, it is demonstrated unambiguously that when an unbiased conductor is probed by a scanning electrochemical tip (scanning electrochemical microscopy, SECM), it performs as a bipolar electrode. Though already envisioned in most recent SECM theories, this phenomenon is generally overlooked in(More)
Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), embedded into a specific exopolysaccharide (EPS), were produced by Klebsiella oxytoca DSM 29614 by adding AgNO3 to the cultures during exponential growth phase. In particular, under aerobic or anaerobic conditions, two types of silver nanoparticles, named AgNPs-EPSaer and the AgNPs-EPSanaer, were produced respectively. The(More)
The effect of the insulating shield thickness on the steady-state diffusion-limiting current of sphere cap microelectrodes is investigated. Theoretical steady-state limiting currents are obtained by using a simulation procedure, which relies on the explicit finite difference method with a fixed time grid and an exponentially spatial grid. The results(More)
The Pseudomonas putida FB1, known as a broad-spectrum mercury resistant strain, becomes yellow-green due to the secretion of pyoverdine (PVDs) under limited iron conditions and high mercury concentrations. Different modified Nelson’s media were obtained by adding mercury, iron, and the complexing agent nitrilotriacetic acid to demonstrate that the strain(More)
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