Dario Basso

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MOTIVATION The systematic integration of expression profiles and other types of gene information, such as chromosomal localization, ontological annotations and sequence characteristics, still represents a challenge in the gene expression arena. In particular, the analysis of transcriptional data in context of the physical location of genes in a genome(More)
BACKGROUND Human myelopoiesis is an exciting biological model for cellular differentiation since it represents a plastic process where multipotent stem cells gradually limit their differentiation potential, generating different precursor cells which finally evolve into distinct terminally differentiated cells. This study aimed at investigating the genomic(More)
Preface In the last few decades, the Analysis of Algorithms has developed into a mature research eld with several theoretical results in many application domains. However, not all algorithms can be analyzed fully theoretically, and, especially for those which are highly stochastic in nature, the analysis should follow the same principles of other empirical(More)
naldo. Special thanks are due to Ivan Marin-Franch and Fredrik Nilsson for the debug-ging and the good questions. Description It implements many univariate and multivariate permutation (and rotation) tests. Allowed tests: the t one and two samples, ANOVA, linear models , Chi Squared test, rank tests (i.e. Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis), Sign test(More)
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