Dario Alasia

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We provide a complete experimental characterization of stimulated Brillouin scattering in a 160 m long solid-core photonic crystal fiber, including threshold and spectrum measurements as well as position-resolved mapping of the Brillouin frequency shift. In particular, a three-fold increase of the Brillouin threshold power is observed, in excellent(More)
We have experimentally studied the effects of gamma-radiation up to very high total doses on the physical properties of Brillouin scattering in standard commercially available optical fibres. A frequency variation of about 5 MHz for both Brillouin frequency and linewidth has been measured at the total dose of about 10 MGy. The radiation-induced shift has a(More)
The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that an optical fibre current sensor can measure current over 500kA with an accuracy of 0.2%; this was never achieved using a traditional non-optical sensor. INTRODUCTION This paper presents measurements of very high current using an interferometric Sagnac fibre optics current sensor developed by the Laboratory of(More)
We experimentally study a new regime for supercontinuum (SC) generation in the nanosecond pulsed regime using a microstructured optical fiber with two zero-dispersion wavelengths (ZDWs). Pumping at 1535 nm around the second ZDW yields a nearly flat SC over 1350–1700 nm. The interplay between the effects of modulation instability and stimulated Raman(More)
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