Darinka Stanisić Sinobad

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The effect of defined stresses on cantilevered prostheses attached to osseointegrated implants was assessed by finite element analysis. The effect of stress on a cantilever, consisting of a ductile alloy in contact with a brittle polymer, was demonstrated to be complex. The distribution of applied stresses also influenced the results. Possible fracture and(More)
The angular relationship between the occlusal plane and six variants of Camper's plane used in clinical practice were investigated on 41 lateral cephalometric radiographs. The line A-T1, connecting the lower border of the ala with the upper border of the tragus is recommended in establishing the occlusal plane in patients with a Skeletal Class 2 jaw(More)
INTRODUCTION Optimal reconstruction of vertical dimension of occlusion is crucial for functional and physiognomic rehabilitation of edentulous patients. This article is aimed at presenting attitudes and studies on application of cephalometric analysis in obtaining optimal vertical dimension of occlusion. The review of literature presents the studies which(More)
The bond strength and rupture properties of three soft acrylic liners (Coe-Soft, Coe Super-Soft and Vertex Soft) and two silicone liners (Molloplast-B and Flexibase) were tested immediately after processing and following immersion in water at 37 degrees C for 7 and 90 days. The bond test gave variable results, as some materials partly peeled and then(More)
This study was conducted to examine the level and inclination of the occlusal plane in dentulous subjects with various skeletal jaw-relationships with the purpose of finding more reliable guides for locating the occlusal plane in edentulous patients. The investigation was carried out on 140 lateral cephalometric radiographs of young people with natural(More)
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