Darine Zambrano

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The study presents a robust closed-loop sliding mode controller with internal model for blood glucose control in type-1 diabetes. Type-1 diabetic patients depend on external insulin delivery to keep their blood glucose within near-normal ranges. Closed-loop artificial pancreas is developed to help avoid dangerous, potentially life-threatening hypoglycemia,(More)
A design of a novel model predictive controller is presented. The proposed Sliding Mode Predictive Control (SMPC) algorithm combines the design technique of Sliding-Mode Control (SMC) with Model based Predictive Control (MPC). The SMPC showed a considerable robustness improvement with respect to MPC in the presence of time delay, and showed an enhanced(More)
The rostral pars distalis (RPD) of the teleost Mugil plantanus from animals pretreated with reserpine or 6-hydroxydopamine (6-HODA) were assayed for dopamine (DA) or noradrenaline (NA) or for prolactin hormone. Such determinations were coupled with electron microscopy. It was found that reserpine and 6-HODA produced a significant decrease in the content of(More)
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