Darina Dicheva

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In spite of the fact that the field of applying ontological research in education is fairly young it is already quite broad and fuzzy. The set of technologies used and developed there have roots in a variety of diverse areas of information and pedagogical sciences. To facilitate the process of scientific and scholastic search the domain needs to be(More)
While gamification is gaining ground in business, marketing, corporate management, and wellness initiatives, its application in education is still an emerging trend. This article presents a study of the published empirical research on the application of gamification to education. The study is limited to papers that discuss explicitly the effects of using(More)
In this paper we present an ontology-oriented authoring support system for Web-based courseware. This is an elaboration of our approach to knowledge classification and indexing in the previously developed system AIMS (Agent-based Information Management System) aimed at supporting students while completing learning tasks in a Web-based learning/training(More)
We refined our knowledge classification and indexing approach applied in our previously developed system AIMS (Agent-based Information Management System) by introducing ontology-oriented support for collaborative courseware authoring. In order to provide a basis for formal semantics and reasoning in performing generic authoring tasks, we add ontology-based(More)