Darina Aoun

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We have recently reported the discovery of a series of specific inhibitors of human group IIA phospholipase A(2) (hGIIA PLA(2)) to display promising in vitro and in vivo properties. Here we describe the influence of different structural modifications on the specificity and potency against hGIIA PLA(2) versus porcine group IB PLA(2). The SAR results, as well(More)
The group IIA human non-pancreatic secretory phospholipase A(2) (hnp-sPLA(2)) is one of the enzymes implied in the inflammatory process. In the course of our work on inhibitors of this enzyme we investigated the influence of rigidity of the piperazine region on the biological activity. Several modifications were explored. Various linkers, such as amide,(More)
Starting from 4-tetradecyloxybenzamidine (PMS815), a non-specific inhibitor of GI and GII PLA2s, we report in this work the discovery of the specificity through design, synthesis and structure-activity relationships studies of different kinds of PMS815 derivatives. The leading compound, 4,5-dihydro-3-(4-tetradecyloxybenzyl)-1,2,4-4H-oxadiazol-5-one (9b,(More)
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