Darin Kent

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BACKGROUND Gaining hemostatic control of vascular injuries sustained in combat using topical agents remains a challenge. We previously developed a new hemostatic agent consisting of a granular combination of a smectite mineral and a superabsorbent polymer (WoundStattrade mark; WS) which demonstrated the ability to stop high pressure bleeding. We have since(More)
Extracellular accumulation of fluid resulting in oedema is well tolerated in most tissues of the body, but in the retina, it results in dysfunction of retinal neurons. Collection of fluid in the macula is called macular oedema and when the fovea is involved, it results in decreased visual acuity. Macular oedema occurs in a wide variety of ocular diseases(More)
This study represents a series of cases of fetal death secondary to maternal involvement in a motor vehicle accident. During the period 1982 to 1985, nine cases were reported to the county coroner's office. In approximately 50% of the cases, other injuries to the victim, excluding injuries related to the pregnancy, were minor. Evidence of fetal distress was(More)