Daria V Vetoshkina

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Effect of knockout of the At4g20990 gene encoding α-carbonic anhydrase 4 (α-CA4) in Arabidopsis thaliana in plants grown in low light (LL, 80 μmol photons m−2 s−1) or in high light (HL, 400 μmol(More)
Oxygen uptake in the light was investigated in suspensions of isolated pea thylakoids upon inhibition of electron transport from photosystem II by diuron and delivery of electrons to photosystem I by(More)
In arabidopsis plants, with an increase in illumination intensity during growth the extent of reduction of the plastoquinone pool in the photosynthetic electron transport chain increased, whereas the(More)
Changes in expression levels of genes encoding carbonic anhydrases α-CA1, α-CA2, α-CA4, β-CA1, β-CA2, βCA3, β-CA4, β-CA5, and β-CA6 in Arabidopsis thaliana leaves after light increase from 80 to 400(More)
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