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In today's world, there is a huge demand for portable electronic systems such as RFID limited battery lifetime is the main concern of many portable systems. Energy harvesting system overcomes these problems by converting non-conventional energy into useful energy. The power converter plays an important role in boosting low voltage available from(More)
—In this paper we present a photovoltaic energy harvester, realized in 0.35-μm CMOS technology. The proposed system collects light energy from the environment, by means of 2-mm 2 on-chip integrated micro-solar cells, and accumulates it in an external capacitor. While the capacitor is charging, the load is disconnected. When the energy in the external(More)
—In this paper we present an autonomous temperature sensor supplied by a on chip photovoltaic energy harvester. Then system is realized in a BCD SOI technology. The energy harvesting elements consist of a 34 trench-insulated p-n junctions, while the sensing system consists of a bandgap reference circuit, including an integrated high precision temperature(More)
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