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Increased circulating levels of endoglin+ endothelial microparticles (EMPs) have been identified in several cardiovascular disorders, related to severity. Endoglin is an auxilary receptor for transforming growth factor β (TGF-β) important in the regulation of vascular structure. We quantified the number of microparticles in plasma of six patients with(More)
The paper shows how to study the physical factors of electrophysical exposure, such as an energetic factor caused by high concentrations of high-frequency current and an electromagnetic factor caused by the presence if an electric field, and other concomitant factors in order to outline ways of designing automatic electrosurgical apparatuses operating more(More)
A new photoplasmodynamic method and Elektroton-Pulsar hardware system for its implementation are described. The method provides treatment of suppurative wounds by exposure of the infection focus to a gas mixture containing highly active components: O*, O2*, 1O2, O(, O3 traces + UV, etc. The exposure is performed using high-voltage electric discharges(More)
Use of multifrequency impedancometry makes it possible to considerably increase the information value of electroimpedancometry for malignant tumor diagnosis. Integral characteristics of the tissue electrical impedance vs. frequency curves Z(f) in normal and pathological states are used to obtain additional diagnostic information about the type and(More)
In many domestic treatment-and-prophylaxis institutions, the standard service life of the majority of medical equipment already expired. Further use of this equipment can become hazardous to both patients and medical personnel. Medical techniques implemented in this outdated equipment can also be rather ineffective for diagnosis and treatment planning. The(More)
The paper proposes that for more reliable resection of cancer tumors and involved biological tissues during a surgical intervention, the structure of biological tissues should be evaluated by measuring its impedance at two frequencies: 2 and 440 KHz and by calculating the polarization coefficient (Cpolar). Examining Cpolar changes in intact and(More)
An apparatus for automatic lung straightening may be used in medical technologies employed in thoracic (lung) surgery in the postoperative rehabilitation of a patient. This apparatus may automatically (without a physician's or a nurse observance) maintain tension relief in the pleural cavity in the patient on an individual basis, which is required for(More)
The paper outlines an original circuit of a basic electrosurgical apparatus (ESA) which is equipped with measuring informational transformers for automatic determination of load resistance (R1) and with a continuous memorizing device (CMD). Variants of ESA operating conditions are recorded in the CMD, depending upon the resistance of various particular(More)