Daria Baer

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β-Cells rely on the islet microenvironment for their functionality and mass. Pericytes, along with endothelial cells, make up the dense islet capillary network. However, although the role of endothelial cells in supporting β-cell homeostasis has been vastly investigated, the role of pericytes remains largely unknown. Here, we focus on contribution of(More)
Colorectal cancer is an abnormal tissue development in the colon or rectum. Most of CRCs develop due to somatic mutations, while only a small proportion is caused by inherited mutations. Familial adenomatous polyposis is an inherited genetic disease, which is characterized by colorectal polyps. It is caused by inactivating mutations in the Adenomatous(More)
Erratum Following publication of this article [1], it came to the author’s attention that the there was some funding information missing from the acknowledgements section. The updated funding information has been included in the original article and can be seen below: This study was also supported by a Project Grant from the Israel Cancer Research Fund(More)
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