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Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem Solving
An introduction to crowdsourcing is provided, both its theoretical grounding and exemplar cases, taking care to distinguish crowdsourcing from open source production. Expand
This study develops a more complete composite of what motivates the crowd to participate in crowdsourcing applications generally, information crucial to adapt the crowdsourcing model to new forms of problem-solving. Expand
Crowdsourcing the Public Participation Process for Planning Projects
Public involvement is a central concern for urban planners, but the challenge for planners is how best to implement such programs, given many difficulties inherent in the typical public involvementExpand
Moving the crowd at iStockphoto: The composition of the crowd and motivations for participation in a crowdsourcing application
Results indicate that the desire to make money, develop individual skills, and to have fun were the strongest motivators for participation at iStockphoto, and that the crowd at i Stockphoto is quite homogenous and elite. Expand
Motivations for Participation in a Crowdsourcing Application to Improve Public Engagement in Transit Planning
Governments increasingly turn to the Internet to aid in transparency, accountability, and public participation activities, and there is growing interest in innovative online problem-solving models toExpand
Crowdsourcing as a model for problem solving: Leveraging the collective intelligence of online communities for public good
As an application of deliberative democratic theory in practice, traditional public participation programs in urban planning seek to cultivate citizen input and produce public decisions agreeable toExpand
Crowdsourcing applications for public health.
Four discrete crowdsourcing approaches are described (knowledge discovery and management; distributed human intelligence tasking; broadcast search; and peer-vetted creative production types) and a number of potential applications for crowdsourcing for public health science and practice are enumerated. Expand
This paper analyzes the discourse of amateurism as it relates to crowdsourcing, a now relatively common model where organizations engage online communities to design goods and solve problems. ThisExpand
Crowdsourcing 1 Running head: CROWDSOURCING Crowdsourcing: A Model for Leveraging Online Communities
Author note: Daren C. Brabham, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Early iterations of theExpand