Daren Ansell

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The non-trivial behaviour of phase is crucial for many important physical phenomena, such as, for example, the Aharonov-Bohm effect and the Berry phase. By manipulating the phase of light one can create 'twisted' photons, vortex knots and dislocations which has led to the emergence of the field of singular optics relying on abrupt phase changes. Here we(More)
A new approach to passive detection and avoidance of collision and near-collision with moving obstacles by Uninhabited Aerial Systems (UAS) is proposed in this paper. It takes as inputs the bearings between the ownship and the moving obstacles (intruders) only. Bearings can be measured by passive sensors such as millimetre-wave (mmW) or infra-red (IR)(More)
Plasmonics has established itself as a branch of physics which promises to revolutionize data processing, improve photovoltaics, and increase sensitivity of bio-detection. A widespread use of plasmonic devices is notably hindered by high losses and the absence of stable and inexpensive metal films suitable for plasmonic applications. To this end, there has(More)
The unique optical and electronic properties of graphene make possible the fabrication of novel optoelectronic devices. One of the most exciting graphene characteristics is the tunability by gating which allows one to realize active optical devices. While several types of graphene-based photonic modulators have already been demonstrated, the potential of(More)
Automated Dial Reading (ADR) using image processing is a challenging task that has to deal with the dynamics of real time environment. Literature contains limited research work for ADR that is based on background subtraction, object tracking, and pattern recognition. These methods suffer from dynamic environment such as: varying light intensity, poor(More)
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