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Customer feedback in the form of warranty/field performance is an important direct indicator of quality and robustness of a product. Linking warranty information to manufacturing measurements can identify key design and process variables that are related to warranty failures. Warranty data have been traditionally used in reliability studies to determine(More)
Increasingly, manufacturing complexity of product and process coupled with high pressures to deliver products have resulted in various unexplored interactions among different phases in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). These unexplored interactions may result in products malfunctioning in the field causing warranty and/or service problems. These problems(More)
The modelling of complex workflows is an important problem-solving technique within healthcare settings. However, currently most of the workflow models use a simplified flow chart of patient flow obtained using on-site observations, group-based debates and brainstorming sessions, together with historic patient data. This paper presents a systematic and(More)
The current research presents a methodology for classification based on Mahalanobis Distance (MD) and Association Mining using Rough Sets Theory (RST). MD has been used in Mahalanobis Taguchi System (MTS) to develop classification scheme for systems having dichotomous states or categories. In MTS, selection of important features or variables to improve(More)
This paper proposes a design synthesis framework for dimensional management in multistage assembly systems which integrate the critical design tasks: (1) Tolerance Optimization; (2) Multi-Fixture Layout Design; and, (3) Part-to-part Joint Design. The proposed framework is based on the development of: (1) a new hybrid Design Structure Matrix which integrates(More)
Recently, the modelling of variation propagation in multistage machining processes has drawn significant attention. In most of the recently developed variation propagation models, the dimensional variation is determined through kinematic analysis of the relationships among error sources and dimensional quality of the product, represented by homogeneous(More)
This paper introduces a methodology for functional capability analysis and optimal process adjustment for products with failures that occur when design parameters and process variables are within tolerance limits (in-specs). The proposed methodology defines a multivariate functional capability space (FC-Space) using a mathematical morphology operation, the(More)
• Conducted management/engineering consulting, with an emphasis on operations management, product development, product commonality and design for cost reduction 11/03 – 02/04 Vehicle Bodies " • Supervised four graduate students and one undergraduate student working in different topics related with modeling and analysis of assembly systems. Course: ME 588,(More)
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