Darcy Gilmour

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The A substance of glycerol-treated myofibrils of the femoral muscles of the locust Gastrimargus musicus (Fabr.), removed by a salt solution of high ionic strength, has the properties of actomyosin. A phase contrast study of these fibrils, contracted by the addition of ATP, has revealed that the A bands of most myofibrils shorten during contraction. Changes(More)
Using glycerinated rabbit psoas myofibrils we demonstrate by electron microscopy that there is a filamentous material which remains after extraction of the fibrils with a modified Hasselbach-Schneider solution (containing 1.0 M KCl) followed by extraction with 0.6 M KI. The fibrils were visualized by conventional negative staining techniques using either 2%(More)
This review takes readers back to 1949, when two Australian scientists, Draper and Hodge, reported the first high-resolution electron microscopy images of striated muscle. In 1953, Jean Hanson and Hugh Huxley published phase-contrast microscopy and electron microscopy images that established the filamentous nature of the sarcomere, namely the(More)
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