Darci L. Sternen

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Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator-related disorders encompass a disease spectrum from focal male reproductive tract involvement in congenital absence of the vas deferens to multiorgan involvement in classic cystic fibrosis. The reproductive, gastrointestinal, and exocrine manifestations of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance(More)
We describe a newborn female with a de novo interstitial deletion of chromosome 21q21.1-22.12 including the RUNX1 gene who had developmental delay, multiple congenital anomalies, tetralogy of Fallot, anemia, and chronic thromobocytopenia requiring frequent platelet transfusions from birth. Because of her physical and hematologic abnormalities, she was(More)
Metachondromatosis (MC) and hereditary multiple osteochondromas (HMO) are thought to be distinct disorders, each with characteristic x-ray and clinical features. Radiographic differences are the current mainstay of differential diagnosis. Both disorders are autosomal dominant, but the majority of patients with HMO have mutations in EXT-1 or EXT 2 genes. The(More)
The Genetic Counseling Pre-Conference Workshop (GCPCW) was held on September 16, 2015, in Hanoi, Vietnam. We report the GCPCW outcomes obtained from pre- and post-conference questionnaires, case-review breakout session, and an open discussion of needs for genetic counseling services in the Asia region. The GCPCW participants completed questionnaires with(More)
We report on a three-generation family with "expansile" bone lesions of the distal radius and ulna, cortical thickening of the proximal long bones, and pathologic fractures. The differential diagnosis of expansile bone lesions includes isolated bone cysts and tumors, such as enchondromas and fibrous dysplasia; familial expansile osteolysis; and the(More)
OBJECTIVES To characterize error rates for genetic test orders between medical specialties and in different settings by examining detailed order information. METHODS We performed a retrospective analysis of a detailed utilization management case database, comprising 2.5 years of data and almost 1,400 genetic test orders. After review by multiple(More)
The Professional Society of Genetic Counselors in Asia (PSGCA) was recently established as a special interest group of the Asia Pacific Society of Human Genetics. Fostering partnerships across the globe, the PSGCA’s vision is to be the lead organization that advances and mainstreams the genetic counseling profession in Asia and ensures individuals have(More)
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