Darceny Zanetta Barbosa

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PURPOSE To evaluate the amount of bone matrix in autogenous block bone grafts that were fixed with or without perforation of the receptor bed. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twelve rabbits received two 5-mm circular osteotomies each in the anterior parietal region. The bone was removed, perforated, and fixed by a titanium screw in the adjacent area, 3 mm from the(More)
INTRODUCTION Coconut water (CW) and soy milk (SM) have been proposed as storage media for avulsed teeth because of their nutrients that preserve cell viability. The present study investigated the periodontal healing process of dog teeth replanted after storage in CW, SM, and whole milk (WM) using micro-computed tomographic (μCT) and histologic analyses(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this histologic study was to determine the effect of three drilling protocols (oversized, intermediate, and undersized) on biologic responses to a single implant type at early healing periods (2 weeks in vivo) in a beagle dog model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten beagle dogs were acquired and subjected to surgeries in the tibia 2(More)
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