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This Essay addresses a gap in the federalism literature. Scholars have offered two distinct visions of federal-state relations. The first depicts states as rivals and challengers to the federal government, roles they play by virtue of being autonomous policymakers outside the federal system. A second vision is offered by scholars of cooperative federalism,(More)
The systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) is the body's response to a multitude of chemical mediators. Conditions inciting the release of these mediators include bacterial sepsis, viremia, pancreatitis, trauma, neoplasia, heat stroke, and many others. The key to the successful management of SIRS lies in anticipation and not reaction. Resuscitation(More)
Past research has found that recipients agree with majority group positions and resist minority group positions on direct measures of influence. The authors suggest that these attitude shifts reflect normative pressures to align with valued majorities and to differentiate from derogated minorities. In support of this idea, participants who considered a(More)
In the last few years, numerous Americans’ health information has been collected and used for follow-on, secondary research. This research studies correlations between medical conditions, genetic or behavioral profiles, and treatments, to customize medical care to specific individuals. Recent federal legislation and regulations make it easier to collect and(More)
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